Father's Day


On the 3rd Sunday of June every year we celebrate Father's Day.


Millions of pounds a year are spent on advertising for just this day, but if we stopped looking at the adverts would we find something better to gift the important Dad’s in our lives.


Like the 'token' Christmas gift pair of socks, most Dad's will get something they don't want or need this fathers day.

A pair of pants, a printed mouse mat (a great gift if you kids are under 5 or have designed it themselves but otherwise it's pretty boring) or even the most cliche 'world's best dad's mug that will fade after one wash in the dishwasher.


So instead, this year, when we are all stuck at home let's really think about something Dad's, Step-Dad's, New Dad's and Grandad's would really like.


If the Father figure in your life is a Transit fan we have some ideas for you.

Some things to help spruce up his trusty van or even just make life a little smoother for him.


To celebrate this year we have 10% off all wheel trims when you call us and quote  FATHERSDAY10