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About Us:

In February 2006 Transit Parts UK officially launched on eBay. The story did not begin there though.

Rob (one of our founders) first started in the automotive sector in the late 1970’s working for a string of dealerships before finally opening his own shop in east London. The shop was not only the focal point for auto parts in East London, it was where you could go to get the right part, first time.

Rob had something that most other shops did not. First, he had the knowledge and experience of working in main dealers, also Rob had the desire and hunger to be at the forefront of the industry. The store grew and grew and was a huge success.

Fast forward a few years to the emergence of the Internet. Ecommerce as an industry exploded. Shopping became far easier than it had been previously. The entire planet had gotten figuratively smaller. Everyone now had access to everything at their fingertips. The world was changing, and we had to change with it.

A gap in the market appeared. Dealerships were charging high prices for parts that the every-day man just could not afford. No one can argue that genuine parts are quality, however we thought there must be another way. There was, and with the boom of the internet, the decision was taken to change direction and revolutionise the way we do business.

In 2006 Transit Parts UK launched with the idea that we could provide quality parts at affordable prices. Giving people a choice of where to buy their auto parts from. We thought what better vehicle to build our business around than the Ford Transit. The backbone of Great Britain.

Our employees have travelled the world visiting countless countries, trade shows, companies, and their manufacturing hubs to find quality suppliers who are worthy to carry our brands name. Not only can we offer our own branded aftermarket parts we also stock an extensive range of Original Equipment parts. Which means working with manufacturers that produce parts for the main dealer brands.

Since 2006 we have grown exponentially, and we will continue to. Our aim is to not only keep Britain running but also to supply the parts people need worldwide. Our extensive courier network has seen us deliver to territories we once never thought we would. We have customers from Réunion Island, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa and many more.

We are TPUK, we are global. What’s next?!