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Changes to the automotive world - Covid 19

No one expected anything special in 2020 from the automotive world. A few new launches and maybe some more development on automated driving but nothing more than that. Instead what we have seen is a complete shutdown of life as we know it.


Friends and family have been separated, local business shut and a huge surge in online orders.

These online orders have been crucial to so many of us. Without them the elderly would not have food, medicines would not be delivered to those in need and the economy would have suffered an even bigger hit then it is already experiencing.


But what does all this mean for the automotive sector?

There are a few theories bouncing around about what life will look like in 6 months time, but for now there are a few things we can see.

Public transport is going to have to change. And where many people before would jump on a train or tube for a few stops to get to work. The trend looks to be changing towards people using their cars to get to work. For a lot of people this could mean they will find themselves in need of repairs sooner than expected (weekend drivers).

For others - who can, they could continue to work from home - ordering what they need and adding to the increase of online deliveries.  

More than ever delivery drivers and their vehicles are being stretched to their limit. And although MOT’s have been suspended with a 6 month exemption (starting March 30th 2020) it's more important than ever to look after these vehicles.


Businesses like ours are committed to helping keep Transit drivers on the road. We hold only UK stock and arrange for quick delivery of our items. 

During this Pandemic we have already helped  NHS workers and delivery drivers who are vital to the NHS and care services.


As the UK starts to roll into the next phase to come out of the nation wide lockdown we could start to see the following things on our roads:


More traffic than usual - Public transport is a Covid-19 haven, people are packed into small spaces with little ventilation. As a result many people will start to drive to work, adding to the congestion at peak driving times.


Many more vehicles are breaking down- some of these drivers will typically have older cars, only used at the weekend for odd trips. As a result pushing them harder in a short space of time could mean we see more breakdowns. Especially if not serviced or maintained with the hot weather already hitting the UK.


A surge in vehicle repairs - Garages are still operating up and down the country for essential work. For Transit drivers they are literally a lifeline. As many drivers are paid by the amount of drops they do or days they are available an out of action Transit is a big problem and if garages become more inundated with work then normal, our commercial drivers could suffer for it.


How we buy cars/vans will change - there has already been a surge in the online buying of vehicles over the last few years. Many showrooms have popped up in shopping centers and pop-up units across the country for brands such as Tesla, Mercedes and Mazda.  But furthermore online buying has also seen an increase.

Now with Covid-19 in their way, manufacturers are exploring how they can bring the showroom to their customers with virtual tours and video calls, as well as discounted prices to attract customers. And as we don't know when and if there will be an effective treatment or vaccine for this virus it's possible more people will consider grabbing a car at a discounted monthly price instead of expensive and potentially risky public transport journeys.