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This year Ford celebrates 55 years of transit production.

All plans for a real celebration have been put on hold due to Covid-19, however we have rounded up some interesting facts about the 'Backbone of Britain' to help see us through till the next milestone.


  • The first Ford Transit was built in 1960. It was almost named the ‘V-Series’ but a last minute decision saw it change to the now iconic Transit. But Transit as a name first appeared on the German Ford FK vans. The change of name may have been a decision made by Henry Ford II to try and align both the UK and German sides of Ford. 


  • Project Redcap was the code name given to the development of 1965 Transit. However, despite the code names, there has never been a transit seen in any Bond film!


  • The first ever official Transit came off the line at Langley August 9th 1965. The cheapest model was £542! But you could upgrade to the 15 seater Custom Bus for £997


  • In 1972 two diesel Transits drove flat out for an entire week without stopping on the Monza race circuit. They broke a staggering 3 world records, one of which was for going 10,000 miles at an average speed of 73mph


  • Wanted by Scotland Yard. As in 1972 upto 95% of all bank raids used a Transit as a getaway vehicle.


  • The ‘Van of the Future’ concept developed in 1979 had gullwing doors and 6 wheels...still waiting on that one!


  • Reliable as ever. One Transit in Seville 1985 had to be abandoned in the snow after a snowstorms. Despite the 5 meters of snowfall the Transit still worked when it thawed out 6 months later!


  • In the UK alone there have been over 3 million Transits sold since 1965.


  • The most expensive Transit ever made was the XXL. Built to celebrate Ford winning ‘International Van of the Year’ in 2007. The stretch limousine was made using 2 Tourneo minibuses and is 7.4 metres long.